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AI Pathology

The CDE now offers a leading pathology laboratory service, home-grown in Africa providing vital diagnostic, monitoring and screening, from routine to specialized pathology testing.
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Diet goes a long way to managing diabetes. A diabetes diet is a healthy eating plan that is naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories.
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AI Eyecare

The CDE has partnered with ophthalmologists and optometrists to provide state of the art evaluation and treatment of your vision at CDE diagnostic centres nationally.
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AI Renal Care

CDE has partnered with nephrologists to provide renal care evaluation and treatment at CDE diagnostic centres nationally.
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The CDE Academy exists to change lives – the lives of people with diabetes and associated cardiovascular risks, and the lives of the healthcare professionals who have a keen interest in empowering such people to self-manage their condition with confidence.
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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes represents a spectrum of chronic, but treatable, health conditions that cause raised glucose levels in the blood (hyperglycaemia). Long-term hyperglycaemia is toxic and associated with damage to the body and failure of various tissues and organs. Although many specific types of diabetes exist, three main types occur commonly.

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