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AI Pathology

The CDE now offers a leading pathology laboratory service, home-grown in Africa providing vital diagnostic, monitoring and screening, from routine to specialized pathology testing.
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Diet goes a long way to managing diabetes. A diabetes diet is a healthy eating plan that is naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories.
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AI Eyecare

The CDE has partnered with ophthalmologists and optometrists to provide state of the art evaluation and treatment of your vision at CDE diagnostic centres nationally.
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AI Renal Care

CDE has partnered with nephrologists to provide renal care evaluation and treatment at CDE diagnostic centres nationally.
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The CDE Academy exists to change lives – the lives of people with diabetes and associated cardiovascular risks, and the lives of the healthcare professionals who have a keen interest in empowering such people to self-manage their condition with confidence.
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CDE Managed Care

The CDE has over 27 years of experience in the delivery of diabetes managed healthcare.

The CDE Care Programmes facilitate and ensure that good diabetes management principles are applied, resulting in improved health for health consumers that are under the CDE care, as well as an improved health risk and cost burden for healthcare funders.

CDE has a network of Healthcare Professionals  who provide quality outcomes-based care.

CDE Care Programmes

The CDE have defined programmes that are available to healthcare funding providers:

Each plan ensures that enrolled members receive the best possible care in the management of their diabetes.

Benefits of the CDE programme:


Curb your major cost drivers that lead to death, disability and recurring hospital-isations.
Close the loop by expanding the care and services on cardiovascular risk .Access to heart failure adherence and care coordination programmes.


Mitigate clinical and cost risk proactively. Eyes are the earliest indicator of micro-vascular presence.
Access to CDE diagnostic artificial intelligent digital eye screening for accurate diagnostics, care and management.


Curb costly hospitalizations due to amputations and wound care.
Access to a specialized podiatry network for patient education, foot screening, early preventative interventions and complex wound management.

Mental health

Curb costly hospitalization due to mental health conditions by pre-identifying and managing risk.
Access to our expanded specialized team care of psychologists, psychiatrists and appropriate treatment to manage medium to high risk.


Reverse the onset of comorbidities by curbing behavioral risks.
Access to bespoke solutions to solve poor nutrition choices through specialized diabetes/obesity dietitians. Exclusive discounts on medical culinary courses and health products driven by specialists.

Community outreaches

Promote brand building through media and community support.
Collaborate with Partners Programs to overcome your challenges.
Collaborate with community groups to show support to the market.

Member education and HCP upskilling

Be seen as industry leaders in effectively influencing behavioral change to curb spiraling healthcare costs.
Access to world-class courses to upskill your network of diabetes specialists.
Access to member education to facilitate self-management and behavioural change on a psychological level.

Centres of excellence

Full control of your member journey to assess, manage and mitigate financial risk.
Access to SA’s first full chronic diagnostic centres under one roof to diagnose and triage care.
Access for diabetes, retinopathy and cardiometabolic care without any need for out-referral or supersession.

AI Pathology Laboratories

Curb pathology costs through cost-effective prices and diagnostics.
Access to nationwide AI Pathology labs to service, support and facilitate data sharing.

Retail chronic pharmacy centres

Continuously monitor members monthly and not bi-annually.
Access mainstream pharmacy clinics nationally CDE care hub run by CDE specialized nurses.

Specialized clinical support

Navigate the bridge between cost-effective medication and clinical outcomes.
Access a National hub of clinical hubs.
Specialist support on the appropriate treatment to qualifying members.

Online store and intelligent systems

Complete your member experience and build retention.
Access specialized pharmacy and retail health consumer exclusive products and discounts for Cardio-Metabolic/diabetes-related needs.

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