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AI Pathology

The CDE now offers a leading pathology laboratory service, home-grown in Africa providing vital diagnostic, monitoring and screening, from routine to specialized pathology testing.
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Diet goes a long way to managing diabetes. A diabetes diet is a healthy eating plan that is naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories.
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AI Eyecare

The CDE has partnered with ophthalmologists and optometrists to provide state of the art evaluation and treatment of your vision at CDE diagnostic centres nationally.
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AI Renal Care

CDE has partnered with nephrologists to provide renal care evaluation and treatment at CDE diagnostic centres nationally.
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The CDE Academy exists to change lives – the lives of people with diabetes and associated cardiovascular risks, and the lives of the healthcare professionals who have a keen interest in empowering such people to self-manage their condition with confidence.
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CDE History

Larry Distiller, internationally renowned Endocrinologist and healthcare visionary founded the CDE (Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology) in 1994.  He yearned to bring quality care to all South African’s (and African’s) living with diabetes mellitus.

To do this, he created a holistic and comprehensive treatment and management programme, which promoted the implementation of evidence-based and person-centred diabetes care principles.

Thus, in 1995, the CDE ‘Diabetes Management Programme’ was born, and over succeeding decades it developed and expanded across CDE-affiliated private medical practices nationwide. This was ground-breaking stuff – at that time, the concept of managed healthcare was foreign in South Africa, and the idea of ring-fencing, capitating and managing a condition like diabetes was revolutionary.
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Our People

The CDE Healthcare Group offers you access to a group of passionate, innovative and caring individuals whose prime objective is to provide the health consumer with the best possible care and management programmes that are currently available.
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The CDE Community

Diabetes is a condition that happens in the community, and as such, the "community" is an important part of diabetes and it's effective management. Times have changed, and our perceptions of community are changing at a fast pace. Online, virtual communities are now just as important as real life communities, and they play an important role in all of our lives.

The CDE Healthcare Group is passionate about adding value, where it is needed most, ie: in the community.  Millions of people worldwide face the challenge of diabetes and its comorbidities and playing a role that leads to effective outcomes is a vital component of the care offered by the CDE.
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