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For People with Diabetes
South Africa has the second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world just after Australia … View PDF

For People with Diabetes
Early detection of skin cancer enables earlier and more successful treatment...
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For Healthcare Professionals
The CDE 5 - Day Advanced Course in Diabetes Care for Health Professionals
Registrations now open!

For Healthcare Professionals
Every quarter, the CDE publishes a review of diabetes related academic literature. The Quarter 4, 2015 review is now available. View PDF


For Healthcare Funders
A recent study from Spain highlights increased hospitalisation costs as the primary contributor to significantly higher overall costs seen in patients with Type 2 diabetes. Read more

For Corporates and Employers
Courtesy of the IDF. 1 in 11 of your employees probably has diabetes. Find out more

CDE - Making a Difference in Diabetes Care

Cycyling- a healthy lifestyle choice

Cycling with diabetes is not only possible but, in my opinion, a good idea. Personally, I find that the exercise helps with my blood glucose control as long as... Read more

Street Drug Abuse and Diabetes

The last few decades have seen drastic political changes in South Africa. These have been accompanied by social transitioning, rapid modernization, a high and growing unemployment rate, and a decline in social, cultural, and family values. Read more

What role the parent?

Wonderful! Life-changing! Demanding! Challenging! Impossible! These adjectives come to mind when one considers what it is like to be a parent. And, there is no randomness in the order in which I have listed them - Parenthood usually starts as wonderful, and can often end as... Read more