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CDE WINS AGAIN ! We are delighted to announce that once again, the CDE has won the highest category (Diamond) of PMR award, for excellence in managed healthcare. The award is testament to the expertise, passion and dedication of the CDE contracted healthcare professionals and support staff, who make diabetes care excellence possible. This is the 9th PMR award we have received since 2002, and the 3rd time running that we have achieved 1st position in our managed healthcare category. View the PMR Diamond Award

For People with Diabetes
This great video from Youth with Diabetes (YWD) shows how to administer a Glucagon injection. Watch the video

For People with Diabetes
The CDE hosted an event for World Diabetes Day on the 14th of November in Johannesburg! Read more
North Eastern Tribute


For Healthcare Professionals
Every quarter, the CDE publishes a review of diabetes related academic literature. The Quarter 3, 2015 review is now available. View PDF

For Healthcare Professionals
The International Diabetes Federation is holding the world diabetes congress in Vancouver later this year. Find out more


For Healthcare Funders
The Council for Medical Schemes recently published their report on healthcare quality. The results, which do not include CDE data, indicate that diabetes management is significantly sub-optimal. View PDF

For Corporates and Employers
Diabetes can have a significant negative impact on employee absenteeism and productivity. This systematic review by Breton et al: Diabetes Care (American Diabetes Association) Volume 36 March 2013, highlights these impacts. Read more

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Tackling changes in our lives is quite a skill! We have to adapt to the change, particularly negative change, and find ways to include it in our everyday lives. Having to do insulin injections... Read more

The art of insight into self

If the answers to life's challenges truly reside within you, how do you access these answers? By growing in self-awareness. Self-acceptance and change only become possible once you know and understand yourself... Read more

Carbs and Sugar on my plate

Many people living with diabetes believe that only sugar affects their blood glucose (blood 'sugar'). Thus, they think that the key to managing their diabetes is... Read more