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For People with Diabetes
Have you ever been frustrated with your blood glucose results, your HbA1c value, repeated experiences of hypoglycaemia or your relationships? It’s time to make a change... but how?... Read more

For People with Diabetes
As a person with diabetes, your feet may be at a greater risk for nerve and circulation problems. The good news is that diabetes-related foot problems and especially amputations are preventable. These problems are associated with long-term poor control of diabetes… Read more


For Healthcare Professionals
Bookings are now closed for the September 2016 5 Day Course 

For Healthcare Professionals
The Annual CDE Postgraduate Forum in Diabetes Management has become a highlight on the local continuing education calendar for diabetes care and cardiovascular risk management… View PDF


For Healthcare Funders
The 2016 World Health Organization (WHO) report on childhood obesity includes a recommendation to tax sugar-sweetened beverages. This article was published in Diabetes News, the Official Medical and Industry News Publication of CDE... Read more

For Corporates and Employers
According to the journal Occupational & Environment Medicine, workers on shift schedule were 9% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those working regular office hours. This article was discussed in Diabetes News, the Official Medical and Industry News Publication of CDE... Read more

CDE - Making a Difference in Diabetes Care

Alcohol use in people with diabetes

One of many functions of the liver is to act like a giant ‘sponge’ with regard to glucose. After a meal, and with the help of insulin, the liver absorbs much of the excess available glucose from the blood and stores this in the form of a complex carbohydrate (‘carb’) called glycogen. However, when alcohol is in the body, the liver loses its ‘sponge’ function… View PDF

Progress, but at what cost?

As our televisions become thinner, we have become fatter. Obesity is a global pandemic that threatens to overwhelm our ability to provide adequate and comprehensive healthcare. As our health authorities and funders battle to cope and plan for this ‘tsunami’, we see an ever increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes… View PDF