Your Partner in Diabetes

For People with Diabetes
Be part of our virtual community by joining the CDE Club for valuable facts, exercising tips, insights on diabetes related chronic complications, delicious recipes and so much more. This is free to everyone living with diabetes. Register here today!

For People with Diabetes
You’ve registered as a member of the CDE Diabetes Management Programme. Now what? First, familiarize yourself with your annual benefits and USE them! Read more


For Healthcare Professionals
The CDE Clinical Guidelines 2018 is now available here These guidelines are intended to facilitate best practice within the CDE programmes of care.

For Healthcare Professionals
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For Healthcare Professionals
The CDE 5-Day Advanced Course in Diabetes Care for Health Professionals is now open for registration. Please click here to register

For Healthcare Funders
The CDE partners with a number of leading medical aid funders in South Africa. Many of these relationships are long-standing, with true partnership credentials. People with diabetes who are members of these medical aids are able to join as members of the CDE programmes of care. View list here

CDE - Making a Difference in Diabetes Care

Diabetes Lifestyle Journal

Our quarterly community print publication, Diabetes Lifestyle, now, in its 28th Issue, is available for the first time in over 1100 retail outlets throughout South Africa and at selected outlets in Botswana, Namibia and Kenya. Read more

Retail Outlets that support diabetes!

Find a retail outlet with the latest Diabetes Lifestyle Journal in an area closest to you. Click here