Your Partner in Diabetes

For People with Diabetes
The Application Form for the CDE Diabetes Management Programme is now available online. Register here today!

For People with Diabetes
It is important for you, as a member of the CDE Diabetes Management Programme to know your annual benefits! Read more


For Healthcare Professionals
Every quarter, the CDE publishes a review of diabetes related academic literature. The 4th Quarter, 2016 review is now available. View PDF

For Healthcare Professionals
The CDE 5 - Day Advanced Course in Diabetes Care for Health Professionals is re-opened for registration. Click here for more details.

For Healthcare Professionals
This CDE Biokinetic approach provides some insights into the role of exercise and the safe and appropriate prescription thereof for people living with diabetes - related complications... View PDF

For Corporates and Employers
According to the journal Occupational & Environment Medicine, workers on shift schedule were 9% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those working regular office hours. This article was discussed in Diabetes News, the Official Medical and Industry News Publication of CDE... Read more

CDE - Making a Difference in Diabetes Care

Did You Know?

Staying physically active can help keep your mind sharp, but staying mentally active is important too, especially for people with diabetes. Some keys to staying mentally active are staying connected to other people socially, constantly learning new things, and making your mind work in new and different ways. Here are some ideas for giving your mind a workout… Read more

Making bricks fly

Is there something that you just have absolutely no talent in; something that just doesn’t come naturally to you at all? For me, this is doing crossword puzzles... When I first tried to do a crossword puzzle, it felt a little like trying to get a brick to fly. No matter what I did, I just didn’t seem to get anywhere. I remember spending hours and only having a couple of words and no crosses to show for it. Read more