Your Partner in Diabetes

For People with Diabetes
There are too few health care professionals to manage the ever growing diabetes population worldwide. It is therefore important that you get the most out of each consultation through applying these tips. Read more

For People with Diabetes
Did you know when you get sick, your blood glucose may rise? This is because your body produces stress hormones to fight off the infection. To keep your blood glucose controlled you need more… Read more


For Healthcare Professionals
Every quarter, the CDE publishes a review of diabetes related academic literature. The 2nd Quarter, 2016 review is now available. View PDF

For Healthcare Professionals
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For Healthcare Funders
Recent data from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that 7 % of South Africans between the ages of 21 and 79 years have diabetes. What of the financial implications of this epidemic? Read more

For Corporates and Employers
The work environment continues to change, which in several ways increases obesity and subsequently type 2 diabetes... Read more

CDE - Making a Difference in Diabetes Care

Head vs Heart

Are you an intelligent, skilled person with a positive outlook on life, yet struggle to manage your diabetes? Much speculation and research has centered on what influences diabetes self-care-management... View PDF

Carbs & Sugar on my plate

Many people living with diabetes believe that only sugar affects their blood glucose (blood ‘sugar’). Is reducing your sugar intake all dietary changes you need to make to ensure that your blood glucose levels are well controlled?... View PDF