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CDE Academy Courses

Various CDE courses are available for healthcare professionals. All CDE courses confer CPD points.

The CDE Academy Foundation Course in Diabetes Care for Health Professionals

This challenging 100% online Course provides an accessible entry point into the world of diabetes and its commonly associated co-morbidities and risk factors. You will gain critical foundational insights, which should translate into significant changes in your professional approach and clinical practice in this field.

We know that learning new facts, skills and insights is a complex process and that each person has a preferred style of learning. We have used this understanding to design the Course, making extensive use of imaging, colour, animation, video and narration paired with written scripts to enhance your learning journey. We trust that this will provide you with an engaging and holistic learning experience, rather than just presenting you with a bunch of facts to read!

  1. Introduction - Dr Larry Distiller
  2. 25 C's - Core Concepts in Diabetes - Michael Brown
  3. Pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus - Dr Larry Distiller
  4. Diabetes Education and Coaching - Mandy Bernstein, Vanessa Brown, Hester Davel
  5. Lifestyle Management - Nutrition - Liana Grobbelaar
  6. Lifestyle Management - Movement, Activity and Exercise - Andrew Heilbrunn
  7. Pharmacological Management - Oral agents - Dr Stan Landau
  8. Pharmacological Management - Injectable Agents - Dr Stan Landau
  9. Glycaemic Monitoring - Dr Larry Distiller
  10. Injection techniques - Laurie van der Merwe
  11. Acute Diabetes complications - Dr Larry Distiller
  12. Chronic microvascular complications - Dr Jay Narainsamy
  13. Management of cardiovascular risk - Dr Stan Landau
  14. Foot Care in Diabetes - Gerda Janse van Rensburg
  15. The Importance of Data - Nicola Wilken
  16. CDE Care - Grant Newton

Each Module provides brief but meaningful pre- and post-module self-assessments and reflection opportunities to promote active learning and case studies to bring practical real-world scenarios into the learning experience. A summative post-course assessment (pass mark 80%) will conclude the Course. Participants have a 3-month period from the date of registration to complete the Course.

The Course has been accredited for 30 Continuing Education Units – 1 CEU per hour (University of Pretoria, Faculty of Health Sciences Activity Number: MDB005/090/01/2021).

The Course Fee is R 7 820.00 (Incl. VAT)

  • Insight into the lived experience of people with diabetes and cardiovascular risks
  • Enhanced understanding and confidence regarding the diagnosis, treatment and management of diabetes
  • Improved understanding regarding the multidisciplinary approach to diabetes management and putting the person with diabetes at the centre of treatment approaches
  • You will take the first steps of your journey towards becoming a diabetes expert within your community

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The University of South Wales Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes

The University of South Wales Postgraduate Diploma in DiabetesThis one-year Diploma is suitable for both Medical Practitioners and Allied Healthcare Professionals. A second year of study may be undertaken to obtain an MSc in Diabetes.

Members of the CDE Faculty perform a tutoring role for these courses.

Please see the Diploma-MSc Website (www.diploma-msc.com) to obtain further information.

CDE facilitates a limited number of part-sponsorships for successful applicants - if your Application to the University of South Wales is successful, please email (shelleyh@cdediabetes.co.za) to motivate your request for sponsorship by the CDE. This is only open to people who are working in South Africa. Part-sponsorships for successful applicants APPLY TO SEPTEMBER INTAKE ONLY.


The CDE-OPTIFAST® 800 kcal Programme Training

The CDE - OPTIFAST® 800 kcal programme training is an exciting dietary approach launched through the CDE in collaboration with Nestlé Health Science. The dietary approach consists of 3 x OPTIFAST® shakes a day for 8 weeks, with a 4-week food reintroduction phase. The dietary approach has shown to significantly reduce body weight and can even place Type 2 Diabetes into remission.

Dietitians who would like to prescribe this dietary approach will need to go through the CDE OPTIFAST® Training here.

OPTIFAST® Resources