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Managed Healthcare Programmes

The CDE has over 21 years of experience in the delivery of diabetes managed healthcare.

The principles of good diabetes management are well known, and the benefit of following these principles have been demonstrated both in trial and community settings.

Unfortunately, good diabetes care is most often never achieved, for a variety of reasons.

The CDE diabetes management programmes facilitate and ensure that good diabetes management principles are applied, resulting in improved health for patients under care, as well as an improved health risk and cost burden for healthcare funders.

The foundation of the CDE diabetes management programmes is the CDE Doctor Network.

We believe that doctors are the true gate-keepers of good healthcare, and we empower and equip doctors to provide best-practice care to their patients with diabetes.

The CDE Diabetes Management Programmes

The CDE has 2 defined programmes that are available to client medical aid schemes:

The CDE Comprehensive Care Plan
The CDE Standard Care Plan

Each plan ensures that enrolled patients receive best possible care for their diabetes.

The CDE programmes ensure the following benefits:

  • Best practice diabetes care at no additional cost to patients.
  • Individualised care for optimum wellness and the prevention or delaying of complications.
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment of personalised treatment plans, to maintain good diabetes control.
  • Specialised therapy review to ensure that the most appropriate therapies are used.
  • Emergency support. All persons on the CDE diabetes programmes have access to a 24 hour diabetes hotline.

To find out more about the CDE diabetes management programmes, contact us.