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We Partner with Healthcare Funders

For Healthcare Funders
The CDE partners with a number of leading medical aid funders in South Africa. Many of these relationships are long-standing, with true partnership credentials. People with diabetes who are members of these medical aids are able to join as members of the CDE programmes of care. View list here

For Healthcare Funders
The 2016 World Health Organization (WHO) report on childhood obesity includes a recommendation to tax sugar-sweetened beverages. This article was published in Diabetes News, the Official Medical and Industry News Publication of CDE... Read more

Diabetes presents an unenviable challenge to any funder of healthcare. Diabetes prevalence continues to rise dramatically across the world, and South Africa is significantly affected. Obesity rates are driving the so-called “Diabetes Tsunami” our way, and action needs to be taken urgently if we are to cope with the clinical and financial burden of this condition.

The down-stream costs of unmanaged diabetes are significant, affecting many parts of the body. Funders are encountering rising incidence of, and costs for heart attacks, stroke, amputations, renal failure, blindness, and hospitalisations for uncontrolled acute diabetes.

In the absence of the whole population changing their lifestyles dramatically (an unrealistic scenario), the only option for funders of healthcare, is to take the diabetes challenge seriously. All patients with diabetes need to be considered as high risk. There is no such thing as “mild diabetes”.

Simply making diabetes benefits available is not enough. Various studies demonstrate that most diabetes services, which should be seen as minimum levels of best practice care, are not accessed by patients. Robust programmes of care, in which patient care is actively co-ordinated (i.e. it actually happens), and where patients can access enhanced diabetes management expertise from their healthcare team, ensure that best practice is applied, and commensurate financial risks are managed effectively.

The CDE care programmes offer medical aid schemes the opportunity to effectively manage their clinical and financial risk related to diabetes.