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Enhance your Diabetes Knowledge

The person with diabetes, who knows the most, lives the longest..." (adapted)
Dr Elliot Joslin – considered to be the foremost pioneer in diabetes.

People with diabetes make decisions every day, that may either positively, or negatively, affect their diabetes and affect their health. Activities, eating, exercise and medication all play an intertwined role in determining diabetes health on a day to day basis.
Whilst the diabetes healthcare team play an incredibily important role in the management of any person's diabetes, these healthcare providers are not available for advice on a daily basis. In order for a person with diabetes to make the best possible decisions relating to their life and their diabetes, they have to be equipped with sufficent knowledge.
Very importantly, knowledge on its own is not enough!


Knowledge → Insight → Self Care → Health

The path to optimum diabetes health starts with knowledge. That knowledge needs to translate into insight and wisdom. Having insight creates more opportunities for effective "self-care" (we have to be our own doctors!), and effective care leads to better diabetes health.
The CDE Diabetes Care Programmes all contain important elements of diabetes "education" for people with diabetes. This may take the form of one on one consultations with a "Diabetes Educator" – a health care practitioner highly trained in diabetes and trained how to teach, support and mentor people with diabetes, or it may comprise a number of "group education" sessions.