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Diabetes Care Programmes

The principles of good diabetes care are well understood by various healthcare bodies around the world. These principles of care are discussed on this site (see managing your diabetes).

Unfortunately, most people with diabetes are unable to access the diabetes care they need.
So what needs to be in place?

3 important foundations are required.

Care Programme



The CDE provides 2 diabetes care programmes, and members of certain medical aid schemes in South Africa can participate. The diabetes services provided within these programmes are comprehensive, and are based on internationally acknowledged diabetes best-practice.

Each CDE healthcare provider is up-skilled and accredited to provide diabetes care excellence, ensuring that best possible diabetes care is provided.

Importantly, the CDE partners with medical aid schemes that understand the importance of maintaining good diabetes health. These forward thinking medical aid schemes contract with the CDE, with the aim to invest in the health of their members with diabetes.

How to become a member of the CDE diabetes care programme

If you are a member of a medical aid scheme that is contracted to the CDE (view list here - option restrictions may apply with some schemes), and you have diabetes, you can join the CDE Diabetes Management Programme.

  • Download the Application Form here
  • Please complete all sections on the Application Form (including your current clinical details, diabetes treatment and prescription details)
  • Find a CDE Accredited Doctor in an area closest to you here (details of your preferred CDE doctor should be filled on the ‘Details of the doctor from whom you wish to receive your diabetes care’ section)
  • Read the General Terms and Conditions
  • Return the completed application form (only page 1, 2 and 7) directly to our Membership Department via email OR fax:
    086 560-5182

For further inquiries, do not hesitate to call us on 011 053-4400 (08h30-17h00, Monday to Friday)

CDE diabetes care programme benefits:

  • Consultations with a CDE diabetes accredited doctor
  • Diabetes education and mentoring
  • Annual consultation with a CDE accredited dietician
  • All the important laboratory tests for diabetes
  • A blood glucose meter and strips for self-testing
  • Diabetes medication, including all the latest diabetes therapies
  • Diabetes specialist advice provided to your treating doctor
  • Referral for foot screening (podiatrist)and eye screening (ophthalmologist)
  • A 24 hour diabetes emergency hotline

In addition, all members of the CDE diabetes care programmes will automatically be members of the CDE Club.
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