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We Partner with People with Diabetes

For People with Diabetes
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For People with Diabetes
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People with diabetes face daily challenges in their quest for optimum health. The interplay between a number of factors, including eating, activity, illness, stress and medication plays a significant part towards achieving best possible diabetes health and wellness. Achieving the right balance between these factors is never always easy.

We recommend the following important steps:

Educate and empower yourself

Try to understand as much as you can about diabetes. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to take better decisions, and the easier it will be to manage your diabetes effectively. Make sure that you have access to healthcare personnel that can teach and mentor you towards a better understanding of diabetes. We suggest that you join the CDE Club, and gain free access to the CDE University – an online learning platform for people with diabetes.

Make sure that your diabetes is managed well

Surround yourself with a diabetes healthcare team that are expert in diabetes care. Even better, if you are on a CDE contracted medical aid scheme, participate in one of the CDE diabetes programmes of care. By following a programme of care, seeing healthcare professionals with advanced diabetes knowledge, and diligently monitoring your diabetes, you can ensure that your diabetes is managed as best as possible.

Become part of the diabetes community

You are not alone in your diabetes journey. Find ways to share and interact with other people with diabetes. The CDE online communities are a good place to start, but don’t restrict yourself to those virtual neighbourhoods! There are various regional support groups, like Diabetes South Africa, and Youth With Diabetes, to get involved in. Attend diabetes events, like World Diabetes Day in November each year. Get involved!

Early 2016 will see the launch of the brand new CDE Club – an exciting online diabetes community, with exciting and value adding benefits designed to help you achieve best possible diabetes wellness. Watch this website for further news.