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CDE Education

The more the person with diabetes understands their diabetes, the better their chances of effective self-care and health. In addition, healthcare providers, and especially doctors in the community, are better able to assist people with diabetes when they have an advanced understanding of diabetes and an understanding of the best-practice principles of the management of diabetes. "Diabetes education" is thus an extremely important component of any successful diabetes management strategy.

When considering diabetes education, the CDE focusses on the 2 most important stakeholders:

Diabetes education for people with diabetes:

Diabetes education, mentoring and support are corner-stone components of the CDE programmes of care.

  • Patient education is delivered by the CDE in a number of ways, including:
  • face to face consultations with a diabetes nurse educator, within our managed healthcare programmes
  • group education sessions, for patient members of our diabetes care programmes, and for other patients in the community

Diabetes education for healthcare professionals:

The CDE has provided formal diabetes educational opportunities for healthcare providers, for over 20 years.
These include:

  • face to face educational events, ranging from 1-5 days.
  • the annual CDE post-graduate forum, which is the largest professional diabetes meeting in Africa.
  • upskilling and diabetes accreditation for GP networks.
  • partnership with the University of South Wales to facilitate and provide advanced diabetes qualifications in diabetes.

CDE Diabetes Academy

CDE Diabetes Academy for Healthcare Professionals is now available online.