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CDE Consultancy

The CDE has an unrivalled track record in diabetes care, diabetes education and in the implementation of successful diabetes programmes. The CDE clinical faculty comprises most of the pre-eminent diabetes specialists in South Africa. This faculty not only enables a significant GP support, mentoring and support capability, but also underpins a strong clinical advisory capacity.

In addition, there is vast managed healthcare experience and expertise that resides within the CDE management team.

The CDE currently provides ongoing advice to various stakeholders in healthcare in South Africa and other markets, from both a clinical and a managed healthcare perspective.

Medical aid schemes that contract with the CDE for managed healthcare services access this benefit at no cost. Other stakeholders have access to this benefit by virtue of consultancy contracts.

Typical consultancy requests include advice regarding:

  • the implementation of diabetes best practice within unique markets.
  • the successful deployment of doctor networks for the management of diabetes patients.
  • the upskilling, education, mentoring and support of healthcare workers involved in diabetes care.
  • the development of appropriate funding and reimbursement models for diabetes care.
  • the incorporation of new diabetes technologies and medicines into funding protocols and formularies.