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CDE Community

Diabetes is a condition that happens in the community, and as such, the "community" is an important part of diabetes and it's effective management. Times have changed, and our perceptions of community are changing at a fast pace. Online, virtual communities are now just as important as real life communities, and they play an important role in all of our lives.

The CDE believes that community activities and community support are vital components of effective diabetes care.

Community Support Groups:


Youth with Diabetes (YWD) is a non-profit NGO and supported by the CDE.
YWD, mentored and supported by the CDE, participates in various projects in the community. A further mandate and purpose of YWD is to up-skill and empower youth with diabetes.

Diabetes South Africa is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1969, to be a support and an advocate for all people with diabetes in South Africa. Various regional branches and support groups provide community based support for people with diabetes.


YWD Kids Camps:
The YWD runs an ongoing youth camp programme, supported by the CDE, with the objective of providing an ideal non - confrontational arena for diabetes education encompassing: healthy nutrition, insulin therapy, home glucose monitoring and the management of acute emergencies and prevention of long - term complications of diabetes. Children and adolescents with diabetes are exposed to different environments, challenges and new diabetes technologies.


CDE Virtual:

CDE has a virtual presence! Join in!
CDE - Your Partner in Diabetes

CDE - Your Partner in Diabetes

CDE Community Projects and Activities:

The CDE engages in various diabetes related projects and activities, within the community.

Recent projects include a diabetes management programme applied within the Garankuwa region near Tswane (Pretoria), within public sector clinics.

A regional CDE representative force facilitates a number of patient group education events. These are made available to non-funded patients (patients not on any medical aid) from the community.