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About CDE

CDE WINS AGAIN ! We are delighted to announce that once again, the CDE has won the highest category (Diamond) of PMR award, for excellence in managed healthcare. The award is testament to the expertise, passion and dedication of the CDE contracted healthcare professionals and support staff, who make diabetes care excellence possible. This is the 9th PMR award we have received since 2002, and the 3rd time running that we have achieved 1st position in our managed healthcare category. View the PMR Diamond Award

The CDE is the leading diabetes management solutions enterprise in South Africa.
Our mandate is to improve the health and the lives of people with diabetes. This is achieved in a number of ways, including, inter alia;

  • the provision of various formal diabetes management programmes, in partnership with medical aid schemes;
  • the education and accreditation of healthcare professionals in diabetes care principles;
  • the publishing of various diabetes healthcare journals, for patients and healthcare professionals;
  • the deployment and management of various diabetes initiatives in local communities;
  • the working with various healthcare stakeholders, in advisory capacities;
  • the endorsement and making available of various diabetes products that aid better diabetes health;
  • and the participation in various diabetes related research projects.

Partnerships are very important within any successful diabetes initiative. The important stakeholders to consider include:

  • The person with diabetes, their families and their communities;
  • The healthcare professionals involved in their healthcare;
  • The funders of diabetes healthcare, including private sector medical aid schemes and public sector entities.

Foundations for success:


Elliot Joslin, the most eminent pioneer in diabetes, famously said that “the patient who knows the most, lives longest”. The principle of empowering patients with knowledge, to the extent that they can perform "self-care", is well known, yet seldom taken seriously. The more patients understand about their diabetes, the better their health outcomes. In the same vein, it is just as important for healthcare providers, including primary care doctors and nurses, to empower themselves with knowledge about diabetes and diabetes management.


Living with any chronic condition, including diabetes, is a life-long commitment. People with diabetes require ongoing support where it matters most – in the community. In addition, when healthcare providers are supported and mentored by specialists in diabetes, everyone wins.


The successful management of diabetes takes time and effort. It is impossible to manage diabetes effectively without fully understanding every aspect that can affect a person’s diabetes health. This takes time and a passion for making a difference.


The concept of a “diabetes care team” is internationally recognised as the best approach in diabetes care. At the core of the team is the patient, assisted by doctors, nurses, dieticians, podiatrists, pharmacists, and eye specialists. Although they are not healthcare providers, medical aids and the community at large are also important partners to consider.

Best Practice

The principles of best-practice care are well known. Unfortunately, these are most often not applied, usually due to ignorance and lack of understanding. Important components of best practice care include: patient empowerment through knowledge, ongoing monitoring of diabetes, and regular updating of diabetes therapies as each patient’s clinical picture changes