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We Partner with Healthcare Professionals

For Healthcare Professionals
The CDE 5-Day Advanced Course in Diabetes Care for Health Professionals is still open for registration. Please click here to register

For Healthcare Professionals
The South African Journal of Diabetes (SAJD) is the official CDE Journal for healthcare professionals with an interest in diabetes. Volume 11 Number 2 is now available here

The management of patients with any chronic condition, and especially diabetes, is challenging. So many factors need to be considered to achieve effective diabetes control and management, and to compound this, more and more patients with diabetes, or at risk of developing diabetes, are encountered in the consulting room.

Best practice protocols and guidelines are readily available, but various curveballs, both clinical and otherwise, make it difficult to always achieve good health results. In addition, the funding (or more accurately the non-funding) of best practice care adds to the list of challenges.

The CDE manages a Diabetes Excellence Network, for healthcare professionals wishing to make a difference in diabetes care.  Various levels of accreditation exist, based on levels of diabetes up-skilling. This up-skilling is provided by the CDE, through its various face to face and online education channels. The online CDE Diabetes academy makes it easy to access the CDE up-skilling courses and academic resources.

The CDE contracts with a number of medical aid schemes, making best practice care possible for more patients with diabetes. These programmes of care ensure that doctors and other healthcare professionals can use their clinical skills, without undue funding constraints affecting their clinical decision making. The CDE specialist faculty supports doctors in this regard, providing valuable advisory and mentoring support to doctors within the network.

Keeping up to date is vital in diabetes. Many new technologies and modalities of care and therapy are evolving. The CDE helps healthcare professionals keep up to date through their healthcare professional publication, The SA Journal of Diabetes, and also through the world-renowned Annual Diabetes Forum – a three day diabetes congress held towards August each year.

All healthcare professionals are welcome to join the CDE as partners in diabetes care.